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Code of Ethics


It is the company policy of Punjtan Energy to conduct its business affairs honestly, ethically and in full accordance within the law. Our Core Values form the foundation of our business and should be met at all times. These core values are as followed:

• Honesty and Integrity

• Safety and respect for the Company, Employees and Employers

• Adherence to all USA and International laws

• Fair Employment


Business Ethics

Ethics and compliance training is given to all Company employees and contractors to ensure the highest possible standards are met and that all applicable laws and regulations are complied with wherever we operate. This Code of Business Ethics applies to the Board of Directors, the Company, and all employees, Vendors, Customers, all of whom are required to adhere to its terms. The Code’s standards and requirements will be provided to and followed by the Company’s Agents and Representatives, including Consultants, Buyers and Vendors.


Quality And Operational Requirements

The Company strives to consistently improve safety, asset reliability, operating efficiency, and the environments protection. Our quality management systems serve to document the processes by which we will conduct our daily operations and to provide a means of assuring consistent performance through the management of change. The Company is committed to fulfill the highest possible level of excellence in HSE, operations, engineering, Supply Chain Management, personnel and maintenance. We are committed to improve in all business activities to better serve our customers.


Risk Management

The Company is committed to the highest possible level of safety, environmental, operational and financial performance. To minimize all risks the company supplies the most advanced specification of rigs and equipment to ensure that they are maintained in good working order. All employees are fully qualified and trained all rigs are audited on a regular basis to ensure that policies and procedures are followed and that crew members and contractors use equipment safely and properly.


Supply Chain Activities

It is Company’s policy is to attain the best quality materials and equipment in accordance with the customers schedule requirements, while ensuring the highest possible level of safety to personnel and the environment.

The Company ensures that all suppliers, vendors and customers meet obligations of the Business code of conduct and Ethics by completing anti-corruption and due diligence checks during tendering. The Suppliers and Buyers must demonstrate high standards of ethics and integrity in all business dealings and complying with all applicable laws, regulations and rules. We expect our contractors, suppliers and subcontractors to comply with all applicable Punjtan Energy policies.