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Land Drilling  Rigs


Punjtan Drilling is capable of deploying any kind of Onshore Land Drilling Rigs, ranging from 450HP truck mounted to conventional box on box 4000HP drilling Rigs. As well all sizes of work over completion and production enhancement rigs ranging from 350HP to 1000HP.


Currently we have following Rigs Available for Deployment:—

• (5) 550-750 HP Land Drilling Rigs

• (2) 800-950 HP Land Drilling Rigs

• (4) 1000 HP Land Mechanical & Electrical Drilling Rigs

• (2) 1500 HP Land Mechanical Drilling Rigs


(Depending on the contracts as being negotiated in Mexico, USA, Colombia, USA, Venezuela, Libya, Oman, Iraq, Peru, Ecuador, Nigeria, Australia, Algeria, Tunisia, etc. We will be adding and acquiring more rigs for onshore and offshore drilling, work over, and production enhancement as needed).


Offshore Drilling Rigs  

• 250’ Water Depth Jack Up Rig

• 300’ Water Depth Jack up Rig—

• 350’ Water Depth Jack up Rig

• 375’ Water Depth Jack up Rig

• (3) Swamp Barge Rig 3000HP

• (3) Posted Barge Rig 3000HP


• Tender Barge Rig

• (2) Dumb Crude Oil Storage Barge

• OSV Offshore Support Vessel

• Tug Boats

• Heavy Lift Vessels

• (4) 2000 HP Land Electrical Drilling Rigs

• (5) 350 HP Workover Rigs

• (7) 550 HP Workover Rigs

• (6) 750 HP Workover Rigs