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Civil & Infra-Structural  Engineering

Punjtan Energy can assist with the engineering, planning and building of any roads, highways and toll roads. With an experienced team we’re capable of provide Punjtan Energy takes a full-service approach to all of our projects. In construction, time is money, and Punjtan Energy recognizes that expedient, accurate and cost-conscious planning combined with experienced management are critical factors to any project development.


• Site/Infrastructure Development


• Concrete Foundation Design (Pile, Slabs, Footings, etc.)


• Lift Analysis (Including Rigging Assemblies)


• Pile Drivability Analysis


• Feasibility Study / Structural Analysis / Design


• Process Skid/Module Design


• Quarters Building Design


• Load-out and Transportation Engineering


• Platform Assessment and Mitigation


• CVA for MMS/BOEMRE (Certified Verification Agent)


• Floating Structures, TLP, Truss Spars